segunda-feira, 27 de julho de 2009

We need your help to keep searching for Gabriel - English

We are sending a group of American and Canadian rescue experts to the Mulanje Mount, in Malawi, to help us find Gabriel Buchmann, who’s missing since Friday 17th July. One of the reasons why we are asking for donations is because these experts are volunteers, they won’t be paid for their job, but we will have to pay for their flights and travel expenses.
This team will help us solve the problem of lack of human resources to continue the search over land. There is still a massive forest area that hasn’t been covered. Having these experts focusing their effort and skills on the top the mountain will allow the rest of the team, formed by local Malawians, to explore the forest area in search of Gabriel.

The rescue experts are due to travel to Malawi still today and will probably start working in Gabriel’s rescue by tomorrow, 28th July. You can learn more about these experts at

Many thanks to everyone!

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