sexta-feira, 4 de setembro de 2009

Letter from a friend Gabriel met in Nepal


My name is Tamar and my boyfriend and sister met Gabriel in Nepal, doing the Annapurna trek.

I would firslty like to give you my sincerest condolenses for the loss of your brother. Words cannot express how truley sorry i am for his loss. We found him to be a very generous, entertaining and gentle person who made our time on the trek a lot more enjoyable.

We all remember the day we climbed the high pass 5416m. Gabriel started later then us and it had been snowing all night. We were already down most of the way and when we looked up there was Gabriel sliding and jumping through the snow like a child, he was so excited. He flew past us and went flying over a stone falling in the snow, he got up laughing face covered in snow and carried on running to catch up with Joao. We could not stop laughing he was so excited like a child and he had his big coat on with the brasil hat, he was so happy. Later that day we met up with him and Joao for dinner and Gabriel expresed what a fantastic day he had had and how he had never seen snow like that before.

I know this year he made many friends, which i hope we were included in that. He made our experience more enjoyable and memorable and i know he was having the best time of his life.

It is a real tragedy that he is not still with us, but please take comfort in the fact that while travelling he was truelly adored and loved and we will definitly remember him always. when we get home if we have any pictures of him from our trek we would like to forward them to you if that is ok.

Yours Sincerely

Tamar, Rotem and Will x

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